Racial Healing Circles

I wrote a tinyletter about a Racial Healing Circle I attended last summer. I asked everyone involved in the story if I could have their blessing in sharing it. I am so honored that they allowed me to do so. For more information about Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation, please go to www.healourcommunities.com. Please visit the website and support the work of Fatima Mann in Austin. She is an amazing force for equity in Austin, and elsewhere. Find her on Twitter @BarefootEmprss ‏  

The Conscience of White Identity

I recently started a tinyletter at my cousin Bonnie’s suggestion. She used to keep reminding me that she was my cousin-in-law, but since she’s been in the family for over twenty years and she’s one of my favorite people, she’s family, whether she likes it or not, so I dropped the in-law thing a long time ago. Her suggestion to start a tinyletter was just from a communication standpoint, she said she missed me on social media (I dropped almost all social media a couple of years ago) and wanted to know what was going on with me. After researching…

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