Healthy Power Exchange

I hesitate to call it power because it felt so absolutely different than these types of exchanges I’ve had in the past. First, the furtive longing, then the pleading to quiet it, or let it be something more. This wasn’t that. I asked my husband for clearance to flirt with my work crush. “You want to flirt?” he asked. He thought it was probably something I could do without asking. “Isn’t that something you could just do on your own, without me? As long as it didn’t get too serious?” I mean, yeah. I could. But there was something about…

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Work Crush

I’m not sure if it’s my age or the Vyvanse, or that I’ve been out of the brick-and-mortar work force for quite some time, but I’ve been getting work crushes lately that feel like I’m Trinity internalizing feels for Neo right before she whispers in his ear that he is THE ONE. Seriously, it’s pretty much dominating my thoughts. And it’s mighty irresponsible for me to write about it because I actually might tell my current crush my secret writer identity and then they’ll read about themselves here. Not that I’m not being totally obvious already, knowing me. They might…

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Queer Friendships

My friendships have always been very queer. I wrote this one sentence like two months ago and then just left it in drafts. It is very hard to pinpoint but I’ve always had queerness in my friendships in one way or another. I told my friend Emily and her wife that I was taking a queer memoir class and started going on about what queerness is or isn’t in terms of writing, and that my book was very queer, and that Aikido is queer in some ways as well (as my friend Paige Schilt pointed out after reading about it),…

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