Your Reaction is Not Discourse

If you consider how people piss you off, what do you make of that, exactly? Is it their fault? Yours? Both? Depends? I have a tendency to situate myself as either a victim or defender of the victim. I just gravitate toward those roles, it’s taken years to even begin to unlearn it. What I’m not comfortable with is the position of the perpetrator, I avoid it, and sometimes in doing so can actually behave aggressively, mainly toward myself but it can also be toward others. So as a practice, I’m always interested in what comes up for me when…

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I always thought I was pretty good at editing. Even though I never wanted to do it ever and have been putting off editing my book for about a year. But when I actually sit down to do it, I feel like it goes pretty well. It’s just that I have a lot of other things to do instead of sitting down to do it. Like writing new things. I always have so many ideas for new things to write! Like what if I wrote about thrifting in the ’90s in Seattle? Or maybe I could write about how the…

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Social Media, Rewards, and ADHD

I know that internet and social media use is a difficult thing for many people to navigate. I’ve even heard some people say that the internet and our phones actually cause ADHD. I don’t agree with that because almost everyone uses the internet and not everyone has ADHD. There’s also plenty of research that suggests there is an actual brain difference for people with ADHD. I do think that social media and the internet can divide your attention in ways that might mimic ADHD symptoms. But I think it’s more about a classic reward system response. We get a little…

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