May 2020


I think I prefer writing exercises to actual writing. Maybe because there’s no editing. They’re raw, they’re open, and they’re promising. And basically from the moment they appear – done. Rather like blog posts. Another exercise from Chloé’s article was based on Nora Ephron’s What I Won’t and Will Miss, which she wrote right before she died. I’m fascinated by people who know they are going to die and how their life becomes distilled to what they really value. I’m constantly trying to get there before I know I’m going to die, but it’s really hard to do intentionally. Kind…

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People I Don’t Walk with Anymore

“We’re all just walking each other home.” – Ram Dass I was inspired by my friend Chloé Caldwell’s writing exercise suggestion from her essay on Hobart this week) with credit to Chelsea Hodson’s People I Don’t Talk to Anymore. 1. The girl on the playground who had a sparkle in her eye and started a secret witch’s coven. We used to walk the perimeter of the playground and talk about white witchcraft and black witchcraft. We decided we’d only practice black magic if we had a very, very good reason.  Once we went to the woods past the chainlink fence,…

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