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My friend Latrice sent me a link to an article on Medium titled: You’re Probably a Micro Cheater, and That’s Okay. 

I read it. I’m not, I wrote back. It says it’s about lying and complaining and also stalking and I’m not. Well, maybe a little light internet stalking.

Wait, do you think I’m giving bisexuals a bad name?

Doesn’t this mean you’re pan, not bi?

Pan is bi. 

They showed up again at my workplace. Because, well, that’s their job.

I never knew someone without an outsized ego would be interested in so much attention. So the attention is easily given but there are no strings. I’m trying to find that sweet spot between loss of equilibrium and centered.


What is the difference between attention and flirting? 


I think that’s up to you to decide. You know your boundaries and I trust you to keep them.


What is your take on the dynamic?

It’s fun. I have to reign myself in. Have to use a mouth filter. 


You read Macho Sluts in front of me on your Kindle and you had a little smile, even though you said earlier, I don’t know about all this hitting.

All of this was nothing compared to how you came into my office at the end of the day and played Jenga. I won four times, and you made eye contact four times. You also have cute hair. Can I take your picture? Playing Jenga?

Only if you use it for wholesome purposes.

Only wholesome purposes.

You forget that I read what you wrote about the other picture.

No, no, I didn’t do anything with the picture.

Hm. She says while blushing.

Ha, whatever.

My turn. I stopped with a piece I had started pulling that didn’t seem to be a safe bet. No, you said, you’ve got to take that one, you’ve already committed at this point.

Fine. I put it on top, triumphantly.

You took a piece that you had to pull, from the very bottom, which would leave only one. I watched, asked if you were throwing the game. No, you said, pulling, as the tower began to tip. I watched. You pulled. It fell toward you, and you caught it with your other hand to guide the fall, keep them from falling on the floor. I asked what you were doing, it seemed so obvious it would tip.

Sometimes it doesn’t, you said. When you take the bottom opposite side, it looks like it will but it doesn’t. You were unfazed.

Something about your confidence when you said that made me want to see it, made me wonder what variables had to be in place to make it so.

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