August 2019

Love Game Table

My friend Paige brought an exercise to writing group that I absolutely loved. She and her family used to play Snake Oil, and what you do is you draw three cards and then try to make a product out of whatever cards you drew. I pulled Love, Game, and Table. Here is my pitch, which I wrote two minutes ago: Have you ever had an argument with your wife, partner, lover and didn’t want to go to bed angry because you heard on Family Ties that it was a terrible thing to go to bed angry? With H.D. Radke’s Love…

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Manic Panic

I have always had a sense of underlying mania that has informed everything I do. I think there’s even a mania in my boredom. It has changed a lot since I have started taking ADHD meds, but what it seems like to me is sustainable, less electric mania. So probably it’s just how normal people feel when they can focus on something. The principal at my child’s school said, “Your energy is astounding.” I’ve been told by many many people that my writing is quick, fast, frank. I have been told upon first meeting someone: “You’re alert, like a bird.”…

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